Shameless Plug :: Stampede™ Tank Liner Creams Competitive Products

With a simple three-step process, the Stampede™ Tank Liner has set new standards for ease of use and reliability in tank lining products. Stampede Tank Liner, which retails for just $59.99, stays flexible for its lifetime. With a 20-year product history in the agricultural and automotive sectors, it has a proven track record of extreme resistance to gasoline, diesel fuel, alcohol as well as most other fuels and fuel additives.

The Stampede™ Tank Liner covers and prevents rusting. It will also fill fine seams and pin holes up to 1/32 of an inch with additional coating. Kits for motorcycles retail at $59.99. Larger kits for bigger bikes and autos are available through MC Advantages dealers.
Fuel Tank Liner


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