We MC @ WWE!

One of our good buddies, Chuck Palumbo, has purchased products to build one-off-choppers for several top shelf clients. We went to see him wrestle at Wells Fargo arena in May.

To set the scene for you, Chuck ended up losing to Finley because the little leprechaun buddy of his named Hornswoggle spit green paint in Chuck’s face and Finley followed with a whack to Palumbo’s skull with the shillelagh. He couldn’t see to finish so got pinned!

Here is a bit about Chuck off the WWE site: http://www.wwe.com/inside/overtheropes/news/palumbobikes

Afterwords, the whole crew, along with Palumbo and wrestler Chavo Guerrero went for dinner and drinks.

During Smackdown, Undertaker beat Guerrero with a tombstone piledriver. After “la familia” tried to administer a post-match beat down to Undertaker, Kane hit the ring to assist Undertake. Undertaker hit a choke slam on Edge and Kane hit another tombstone on Chavo. (Play by play courtesy of gprr.blogspot.com)

Palumbo Struts

Palumbo Struts

At Smackdown


Finley & Hornswaggle

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