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Spyke and Compu-fire Introduce Brand New Parts Exclusively to MC Advantages!

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Check out these new parts from Spyke and Compu-fire for old school bikes!

The new EZ FIT Starter Motor from Compu-fire takes the confusion out of selling starters for 1965 to 1988 Big Twins equipped with Prestolite or Hitachi starters. The starter bolts on to all three versions of the starter gear cases making this an easy installation. The starters are finished in a natural machined aluminum finish. The Compufire E-Z FIT Starter has an output of 1.6kW by using permanent magnet field design technology. CF53730

The new pull button solenoids are targeted to riders of 1965 to 1988. Big Twins who want the convenience and reliability of direct starting. Two models are available for both single and two tab mounts. The plunger contact is top quality copper alloy and the return spring has been hyper-treated to insure reliable operation. A rubber cover is included to insulate against arc and protect against moisture.

SP400013 :: Solenoid for ‘65-’85 FL & FLH ‘67-’80 XL (Four Speed w/ Single Tab)
SP400014 :: Solenoid for ‘79-’88 FLT ‘82-88 FXR and ‘84-’88 FXST (5 Speed w/ Double Tab)

Prowler CLE Series 107″ Engine NOW AVAILABLE at MC Advantages!

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Prowler’s New CL-E 107” motors are available from the Classic Series Engines. Engines are available in basic or show polish, assembled or unassembled. The 107″ motor features a 4″ bore and 4 1/4″ stroke. The quality forged rocker boxes, forged oil pump, and roller rockers help to complete these high quality motors. For excellent reliability, looks and performance, be sure to go Prowler. Prowler products include Belt Drives, the new Patented 6 speed BAR transmission, and the Classic Series CL-P, CL-SH and CL-E Engines. Look for more information about the new Classic Series CL-SH and CL-P 107” Engines coming soon!
Prower 107″ CLE Series Engine

Dragonfly Cycle Concepts – Shameless Plug

Friday, January 18th, 2008

This is a shameless plug for our newest product, Dragonfly Cycle Concepts. We’ve got them for Road King®, Heritage Softail®, Softail® and Fat Boy®. These $1,099.00 out the door setups are a great alternative to an expensive bagger. Check them out below with 10″, 6″ or 4″ windshields. Check out your local dealer or the Dealer Driven Web Shop at:

Let us know what some of your favorite bagger bolt-ons are. We’d love to hear.

It’s about the bikes!

Dragonfly Fairing w/ 10″ Windshield
Dragonfly Fairing w/ 6″ Windshield
Dragonfly Fairing w/ 4″ Windshield